Comfortable Fall and Winter Sweater Tops For Women

Fall and winter are just around the corner, making comfy tops and sweaters as much of a must as a Pumpkin Spice Latte. Ladies sweaters are more than just a piece of clothing, they provide comfort and show off a women’s sense of style. Here are some of the latest trends in sweaters for women.

Wool sweaters are always in style. Wool provides the perfect mix of keeping you warm, but also being stylish and comfortable. Cut out wool sweaters and round neck wool sweaters are the perfect way to celebrate the return of crisp weather, leaves on the ground, and holidays like Halloween and Thanksgiving.

Cardigan sweaters are also in style for Fall of 2017. Cardigans make wearing warm clothes have personality. With cute buttons lining down the sweater, and a unique pattern, cardigans keep you warm and turn heads. Cardigans look amazing whether you like floral patterns, or something simple.

A simple cotton sweatshirt has stood the test of time. There is just something about a women putting on her cotton sweatshirt, and enjoying a cup of coffee on a chilly Fall day that is timeless. Cotton sweatshirts still look great, and are perfect for cuddling, or a night of curling up with a good book or movie.

If looking fashionable while keeping your neck warm is your style, there is nothing better than a nice warm turtleneck sweater. Turtlenecks not only keep the chill away, but you can turn heads wearing them. There is definitely an elegance to a woman in a nice turtleneck.

Striped sweaters are definitely in for Fall 2017. There are still so many different styles of striped sweaters that look good depending on the color blends of the stripes. Striped sweaters look cute, and keep you warm making it a must in your wardrobe.

Cashmere sweaters will always be the shining beacon of sweaters that all sweaters look up to. Cashmere keeps you warm, look fantastic, and simply are a status symbol. Cashmere sweaters will always be in style, and they definitely are for Fall 2017.

When it comes to sweaters, classic styles will always be in. Sweaters made of cotton, wool, and cashmere have been a sweater fashion trend forever. A lady can definitely show her own personal fashion sense when wearing a striped sweater, or a lovely cardigan. It’s time to grab a cup of coffee, enjoy the fall weather, and shop for that new sweater.

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